Let's pomodoro focus 25 minutes.

Why don't you end your lazy days today?

Do work of great quality.

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The Pomodoro Technique improves the quality of your focus.

The Pomodoro Technique is a technique where you set a timer and
"25 minutes (focus), 5 minutes (rest), 25 minutes (focus), 5 minutes (rest)..."
It is a simple and highly effective work and time technique that works by repeating a cycle.
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Whatever you focus on will result in your receiving.

Comments from Focus Cafe users

I always had trouble getting out of my futon and lounging around on my days off, but for some reason I can now naturally come here and immerse myself in my work.(Engineer male in his 30s)

(This site has been developed with the recommended environment as for Chrome on a desktop PC (Windows/Mac) timer app. You can also use this site on your smartphone, with the exception of some functions.)

Working Room
(Users who are currently focusing on their work)
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Dissatisfied with performance in telework
You have trouble with uneven concentration.
I'm here to solve those problems!

Please use this site as a tool(timer) to condition the work of engineers.

Recommended for engineers working at home.

Today, many people are using the Pomodoro Technique to set timer to focus for 25 minutes. Would you like to focus with us?

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